About Us

We will combine quality of service, innovation and support of an important brand in Ibiza and Formentera.

Our Reality

Currently Ibiza and Formentera have a very high demand for pizza services. It is a product that everyone loves and that is usually consumed in fixed establishments in the city. That is why we decided to bring this service to your home to celebrate all kinds of celebrations and events, with the same quality, personalized and above all with the support of a brand already established in Ibiza and Formentera such as Foodit Catering Ibiza and Formentera.

Our Philosophy

To our customers we will give a little bit of Italy to every event and celebration they wish, with a unique and innovative transport in Ibiza and Formentera for this type of services, such as our Pizza Food Truck

Our Client

Pizza Food truck Ibiza and Formentera is aimed at a private and business clientele, looking for a unique and different service, who likes Italian cuisine, lactose intolerant people, vegans and who love pizza above all.
On the other hand, all wedding planners, consierge and event organizers can hire this amazing pizza service Food Truck Ibiza and Formentera as a complement to a wedding celebration, a party of friends or a birthday.