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-It’s not just pizza, it’s life with pizza-

Ibiza and Formentera, the dream islands for your special event and our Pizza Food Truck will make you enjoy an unforgettable experience.

At Pizza Food Truck Ibiza and Formentera we make ourselves available in all the Balearic Islands with a wide range of catering services for UNLIMITED pizzas, vegan pizzas, gourmet pizzas, traditional pizzas, Italian menu, burger menu, desserts, drinks and cocktails, for birthday celebration, pool party, private parties and more.

Our variety of UNLIMITED pizzas and our Gourmet pizzas make us different. In addition, our incredible Pizza Food Truck, makes us even more special as we bring a bit of Italian tradition to your party, wedding, special event or celebration throughout the island of Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca.


Pizza Food Truck Ibiza and Formetera offers bespoke services in the Balearic Islands, including UNLIMITED pizza catering, private events, a dessert menu designed to complete your celebration. In addition, an additional cocktail service and drinks that can not miss to satisfy all tastes.

Pizzaioli and food professionals

Italian cuisine stars in your celebration.
Pizza Food truck Ibiza and Formentera offers not only an excellent pizza service WITHOUT LIMITS made at the moment, but also, we adapt to your needs by offering different menus, such as the Burger menu, the vegetarian menu and more. Our menus are designed for you and to add to the Pizza menu, a variety of delicious food in your celebration, which you will love.

Dessert and Cake Service

Ideal desserts for your celebration.
Pizza Food truck Ibiza and Formentera offers you a suitable menu designed to accompany your celebration or event. Also, if you celebrate your birthday and you want us to make you a special cake, you can consult us.

Bar service for cocktails and drinks

Pizza Food Truck Ibiza and Formentera offers our additional Bar service, fully equipped for your celebrations. In addition, we designed an ideal menu for your parties, birthdays, pool party and much more.


Pizza Food Truck Ibiza y Formentera offers exclusive spaces to incorporate our pizza Food Truck in the Balearic Islands.

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